Robotech 2D


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Robothech 2D is a 2d shooter. A tribute to the old Thunderforce series on the genesis.
It currently contains 3 full levels, control pad controls, internet high score table, and much more.

Lead the RDF in saving the Earth from the Zentradi Invasion.
Based on the Robotech First Generation, this 2d shooter continues the legacy of past great 2d shooters such as Thunderforce III, and R-Type.


-Play as Rick Hunter, Roy Fokker, Max Sterling, or Miriya Parino
-Full assortment of weaponry for your veritech. Forward Fire, Backward Fire, Spread, Hunter
-Insane Missle Barrage Attack
-Fast Pack Power ups for Insane Weapon boosts
-Full Assortment of Zentradi Enemies
-3 Levels of Zentradi Invasion
-Internet High Score Table, See who's top dog!
-Pilot Ranking System
-Use your control pad or joystick
-Developer/Artist API availabe to do TotalConversions

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