Robotech 3D

Robotech 3D Robotech 3D Robotech 3D

This is Hero Interactive's entry into the 3D Mech Fighting Genre. Square off against fellow Mecha Pilots in a variety of arenas. Each Mech has it's own assortment of weapons and transforming capabilities.

The Mecha

Everyone's favorite transforming Mecha. Transform between Fighter, Guardian, and Battloid Modes.
More Veritechs
Choose from a full assortment of Veritechs each with their own play mechanics.


Machine Gun
Rapid fire towards the enemy.

Homing Missiles
A barrage of homing missiles. Get out of the way as fast as you can, as these homing missiles will come straight at you.


Basic Level
This is the initial training level for newbies, with a simple small arena with a single obstruction in the middle.

Prometheus Level
Battle on the deck of a carrier ship.

City Level
Chase each other around a full metropolitan arena. Complete with dumpsters, airport, and restaurants.


Online Chat and Duel
An online chat where players can plan and prepare for battle. Challenge each other to a duel. Connect to our official server OR download your own server to host your own private/public community. Then connect through the game client to hang out with other pilots.


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