Santa Claus in Trouble

Santa Claus in Trouble Santa Claus in Trouble

This visually stunning seasonal game is one of the best such efforts. The game offers 10 very enjoyable levels and immerses players into the role of Santa Claus who must do his best to save the lost Christmas presents. Each level has Santa moving his overweight, in a cuddly sort of way, frame from platform to platform, the catch? Platforms are separated by a considerable drop. Each level, much like Sonic the Hedgehog, has flag markers, once you go past them you do not have to restart from the beginning of that level should you lose a life.

Santa Claus in Trouble is a tremendously enjoyable game which will appeal to gamers of all ages and will keep you going way past the holiday season. The only disadvantage of the game is the ads which appear for shareware from the developers, CDV Software.

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