Shadow of Power


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Shadow of power is a big FREEWARE action-adventure with a lot of RPG-elements, inspired by games like "The Legend of Zelda III" (Nintendo) and "Secret of Mana" (Square Soft). The player slips into the character of Holger, who wants to become a hero. There are lots of chances for him and so you explore step by step the isle on which he lives.

"Once upon a time there was a young boy called Holger. He lived in a cosy little village that was known just as "Small Village". Holger wasn´t very large or strong or clever; in fact there was nothing special about him at all. Well so it seems... On the other hand there was something weird about him. What is that? How the hell could I know? But in some way he seemed to become a ball, driven by the events that happened to him. On the day that Holger decided to help the crying girl and wanted to become a hero his story started. His life changed forever. There was no turning back: The man with the golden armor, the box; strange things had found a way into his life things he was not able to control. But Holger had the feeling that it was not only him who changed... The people around him seemed to be anxious. A shadow seemed to lie over his home land, a mighty shadow that dreaded to impunge everything that dared to try to stop him."
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