The Spec Rush Free Full Game


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The main character; Faris Mektem has been enjoying a rather solitary life, doing memes and fooling people on the internet, especially one individual known as Eternal.

With the release of the Turing architecture GPUs from Nvidia, many people wish to get their hands on these things.

However, Eternal, being more ambitious than others, decides to obliterate everyone who stands in his way of RTX conquest, wishing to have the ultimate PC in all of the world to gain absolute power, he will stop at nothing to reach his goals.
Faris, after having woken up and regained his 'powers' through a long nice rest, begins his day like usual, until everything changes.
It is now up to you to stop Eternal, who threatens the very balance of the world, and destroy him from all of existence.

-A linear storyline with a single ending.
-Equipment consists of various PC parts. No longer are you bound by old, boring swords,
but by the raw unmatched power of technology!
-Leveling up grants you new unique skills to aid you in battle instead of raising your stats.
-A variety of unique and challenging enemies to fight against.

Warning: The game contains swearing and slight sexual dialogue.

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