Teralite Free Full Game v1.0.0


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Fight your way through a variety of worlds ranging from castles to space colonies, with everything my dumb monkey brain could conjure up.

why would you want to play this?

• variety in spades: each level is entirely self contained in order to put you in a interesting scenario with a unique combination of items and hazards. you might be defenseless running from persuers one level and setting fire to a line of turrets the next.

• because it's cool: there's everything from medieval weaponry to magic to rocket launchers to a portal gun. different themes are contrasted against each other, and often multiple are present in a single level.

• tough, but not punishing: you are going to die, a lot. but you will only lose a few seconds or minutes of progress each time, it's very quick to take another crack at what got you killed.

• flexible progression: the game has little regard for doing levels "in order," so there's almost always a huge amount of other levels available to you if you get stuck.

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