Trench Fever Free Full Game


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Trench Fever combines the simplistic and fast-paced nature of 90's Boomer Shooters with the historical backdrop of the First World War. Race through the muddy maze of trenches while dodging enemy fire, hurdling over barbed wire and trudging though gas clouds. You have limited ammo and are surrounded by German soldiers and swarming trench rats, the odds of survival aren't in your favor. Nevertheless, you must persevere in order to save the ones you love from certain DOOM.


Playing as the French courier Gabriel Granger, you will battle your way through a labyrinth of trenches in a desperate attempt to save your hometown from a terrible fate.


There is a total of 21 levels in the game, including the finale at the end. Players only have a limited number of bullets per level; reserve your bullets because once you're out, you're out! Enemy attacks will kill the player in one hit but you can collect various 'shields' littered throughout the map that will grant one immunity, the player can carry a maximum of three at a time. There are many deadly obstacles the player will need to be weary of: including barbed wires, gas clouds, artillery & bombs!

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