UDgame Free Full Game

UDgame Free Full Game UDgame Free Full Game UDgame Free Full Game

UDgame is a game where you mine and explore

Explore the depths of procedurally generated mines full of treasure, passages and surprises, exploring and finding new wonders as you carve your way through UDgame.

Your adventure will not go unimpeded, however, as there are many monsters that guard these mines.

For those feeling particularly brave, try and fight the various bosses in the game for powerful equipment and loot, or avoid them and try to snatch the scraps they guard.

Above ground, you can build your house and furnish it as you like. Grow a garden, or make your very own maze, it's all up to you.

UD is a work in progress game that the developer has been working on for a whole year. Expect new updates, bug fixes and content.

Join discord server and report glitches: EternityDev Discord Server
Support me on patreon uwu: Patreon


W,A,S,D (Q,E) - movement
Mouse \ Left and Right arrow keys - look around
Left Shift - run \ additional use
Spacebar - add mark \ dismount
LMB \ Up arrow key - attack \ use item on object
RMB \ Down arrow key - use selected item
R - drop item
Left Alt - slow walk \ additional button
ESC - pause
Mouse Scroll Wheel \ C,V - scroll inventory slots
Left Ctrl - crouch \ crawl

Ctrl + Spacebar - open equipped item backpack
Alt + R - throw item (hold to throw further)
Shift + LMB - use item on a container (for example: axe to break furniture)
Alt + LMB - use small objects \ items on the ground or the ceiling \ other


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