Valria Free Full Game

Valria Free Full Game Valria Free Full Game Valria Free Full Game Valria Free Full Game

Life in the future is simpler and greener. Humans have found a way to coexist with machines and work towards a brighter future for humanity. No longer are skies darkened by grey clouds of smog, or oceans drowning in plastic. Humans learned to harvest nature’s gifts effectively and sustainably and now live in abundance and equability.

Many years from the present, The Farm, managed by Valria’s family, buzzes with activities all performed by droids and their human companions. Some harvest the goods, some herd the cattle, and others carry produce on their arms and backs to transport them to where they need to be next.

The Farm’s success is partly due to M1-N3R-VA’s excellent management, the artificially intelligent computer system behind every droid operating in The Farm. Her fail-proof software has never caused any damage before, and her logistical calculations never failed to succeed.

Everything seemed fine, until one day M1-N3R-VA’s software became infected with a seemingly unstoppable virus. At first, the virus only caused small inconveniences in The Farm’s droids: weirdly performed tasks, small crashes between droids, and instructions not being followed perfectly like before.

Now it is up to Valria and her loyal companion, D-T9 to stop the virus from spreading any closer to the city and to stop the corrupted droids sent by M1-N3R-VA to eliminate them as well. Can they reach the computer’s core in time to save humanity from a war against machines?

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