Battle Board

Battle Board Battle Board Battle Board

Here is a very early version of a timed turn based combat game that I have been developing. There is still a monstrous amount of work to be done, but as the game is in a playable state I would like to share it with you. Hopefully, in time, this project will become a fully-fledged online multiplayer strategy game with custom factions, maps, and perhaps even era packs for cavalry and cannon battles or WW1 and WW2 vehicles and weapons.


• Each unit will have a maximum amount of AP that they can use for each turn.
• In addition you will have 100 Command Points(CP) that may be used for special actions. These points are one-use only and can not be refunded or regenerated during the match.

• INFANTRY: Used to man and operate the static units. Useful for popping off the odd RPG and flare. Keep them away from enemy armor. Infantry can also un-man a static unit if the unit is needed elsewhere on the battlefield.
• TANKS: Deal high damage, are tough but slow moving and vulnerable to TOW missiles.
• ENGINEERS: Are used to build your static units. Fast moving but susceptible to being blown up.
• BTR: Fast moving armored assault vehicle. Highly effective anti-personnel and anti-armor measures. Will lose heads up against a tank though. Use it's maneuverability to your advantage.
• LOGI: For all you parts and ammo needs. Can travel fast and far but has limited actions per turn. Can deliver parts and ammo to all units and can also receive them from the supply ship, other logi trucks and depots.
• DEPOTS: Distributes parts and ammo to all units within its action range. Very useful for setting up forward operating bases. They are the only unit that can be resupplied by the airdrop from the command panel.
• REPAIR OUTPOST: Used to repair vehicles. Also sports a heavy machine gun for personal defense.
• TOW: Fires a single but effective anti-armor missile per turn.
• MORTAR: Useful for long-range engagements and softening up enemy positions. Can use a lot of ammo in a short time, make sure they are resupplied often in order to be effective.
• SUPPLY SHIP: Unloads parts and ammo to logi trucks and depots.

The left panel buttons are your BOMBING RUN, MISSILE STRIKE, SPY DRONE, ARTILLERY, and AIRDROP. (Tip: Use 'Z' and 'C' to rotate the target location or flight path)
The right panel buttons are used to call in reinforcement ships.