Bomber Q

Bomber Q

If you like old games and you are bored of recent puzzle games that has short stories we have something just for you. We hope you like it.

Main framework of the game is pretty simple. Using bombs you make your way through the obstacles you face. Time limit in levels are determined with difficulty settings.

Bomber Q Features
Has pixel graphic design and a retro style.
Levels are long and full of content.
Bomb mechanics are working properly, it wasn't designed to make the game harder for you.
Game settings that should be there and difficulty settings.
Password system.

Bomber Q Story
Story of Bomber Q starts with him deciding on traveling with plane to Matsumaru Eria from Japan. Because he always traveled with a ship, he wants to enjoy the view of the sea from above this time. After getting on the plane, he sits on his place and enjoys the view quietly until he arrives to the capital of Matsumaru Eria, Speed-Ka.
Main event starts here. Princes Airi Kamikaze is very hospitable. She Welcomes him and takes him to her palace.
When it was dark, Princes Airi Kamikaze said that she will give Bomber Q a mission. And that mission is to blow up the "Xia Zou's Acasia House"
Bomber Q completes his mission and destroys the House. If only he didnt.

After the blast he loses his memory and finds himself teleported to an alternative universe.
We want you to get the Bomber Q out of this terrifying puzzle world.