Bug-Bot Blitz 2

Bug-Bot Blitz 2 Bug-Bot Blitz 2 Bug-Bot Blitz 2 Bug-Bot Blitz 2

The station's security is active, and its working against you! Activate terminals and defend against swarms of Bug-Bots to prove yourself against a rising challenge! "Bug-Bot Blitz 2" is a science fiction first-person shooter. It is a direct sequel to "Bug-Bot Blitz" and reflects two years of personal growth as a game designer and programmer.

• Race Against the Clock: Reach the next terminal and activate it before time runs out! Activate all the terminals to reach the next round and a greater challenge!
• Fight the Bug-Bot Waves: In each round, the Bug-Bots will spawn more quickly. Destroy them to clear a path to your next objective!
• Explore Randomly Generated Levels: Each round takes place in a randomly generated level of the space station. Select "Preserve Seed" to play the same station layout every round. Use the "Enter Seed" option to specify the seed used for level generation.
• Beat Your High Scores: Bug-Bot Blitz 2 keeps track of the most terminals activated in a single level and the most Bug-Bots destroyed in a single level. See what it takes to beat your best runs!

• Windows (32- or 64-bit)
• Keyboard & Mouse or Other input device recognized by Unity

How to Play
Reach the next terminal and stay within the highlighted radius to activate it. Activate enough terminals in the allotted time, and you will progress to the next round! In each round, Bug-Bots spawn in large numbers sooner than the last. Defeat the waves of Bug-Bots and activate the terminals to continue progressing to more and more challenging rounds.