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climbtime - climb and jump parkour up procedurally generated levels for best time

This is a game in development(free to download/play) so feel free to comment if you like the game and would like to see additional options or features. The game was developed in unity using a gamepad controller(mouse/keyboard controls are also supported). The game supports the oculus rift as of version 1.5 on Windows and Mac. For the rift, I chose a medium graphic setting on game startup to keep a higher fps with less judder/ghosting.

You start the game at the bottom and have to jump/run up the blocks and walls and land on top of the top-most block(which flashes from white to black) of the tower in as short a time as possible. Falling into the water resets the level timer. Pressing the gamepad back button or keyboard F2 will restart the level regenerating any level pickups.

Levels are procedurally(randomly) generated from a level random seed number, changing block and wall and color choices.

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