The Cursed Tower

The Cursed Tower The Cursed Tower The Cursed Tower The Cursed Tower

Taking place 6 months after the events of Journey of the Scroll (and 6 months prior to its after-credits scene).....
On behalf of the Red Headed King, the beloved Queen Alice relays a mission for Marvin and his fellow companions; to investigate the abandoned ruins near The Cursed Tower!

After surviving the treacherous terrain in order to get there, our heroes are ambushed by a band of bandits that take Mireena hostage! In order to save her, our remaining heroes must venture up The Cursed Tower to retrieve a legendary item locked away on the 10th floor dungeon to give to the bandit leader, lest the mysterious fairy meet a cruel fate....

- Fully voiced cutscenes
- New battle skills to learn and use
- 10 dungeons to explore
- More battle sequences and bosses
- No random encounters; all enemies can be seen on the map
- 2 possible endings (1 true, 1 secret)