Enter the Titan

Enter the Titan Enter the Titan Enter the Titan Enter the Titan
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As titans harvest the world, a desperate survivor must travel inside them, discover their secrets, and band together with others to save the world, before nothing is left. Enter the Titan is a roguelike deckbuilder with turn-based tactical platforming. Use your wits and deck of cards to move, attack, and perform various actions. Can you overcome the invading titans?

How to Play?

Playing Cards

Drag a card onto a grid cell to play it there. Start dragging to show legal targets. Tap on any card for more info. End your turn when you're done playing cards.

Turn Order

Every turn this happens, in order:

You take your turn playing cards onto the grid.

Enemies do their planned actions (if they still can).

Gravity pulls things down to the ground.

What's <blank>?

Try tapping on it to get more info. You can tap on a card or the grid for more info on what something does. Tap on keywords for more info.