Escape From E.D.E.N

Escape From E.D.E.N Escape From E.D.E.N Escape From E.D.E.N Escape From E.D.E.N

"Did you know, that in the time of darkness, before salvation, when the fallen ones walked the earth. When the human family was brought to its knees, subjugated by machines of malice. There stood one, who despite all the odds, would change the course of human history forever... It all began with the push of a button."

Escape From E.D.E.N. is a short, first-person sci-fi exploration game. It’s an experience where every trial has been carefully set to tell a poignant story—a story about struggle, hope, and the miracle of perseverance. You play as "The Savior" of a desolate wasteland known as E.D.E.N. Exploring the hazardous landscape reveals clues and vignettes which help the player answer the question of will power —and how one can break free from oppression.

Key features:
• A quiet, non-linear story told by a future survivor of E.D.E.N
• Inspired by a plethora of science fiction stories, movies, and tv-shows
• A 15-30 minute experience that can be completed in one sitting
• An experience that focuses on atmosphere and platforming rather than action or puzzles
• Beautiful atmospheric music
• A rich, detailed environment that rewards players who explore with story insights and a meaningful ending

• WSAD - Move
• Shift - Sprint / Jump Momentum Control
• Mouse - Look
• Left Mouse - Interact
• ESC - Pause
• Spacebar & Mouse - Skip Cutscene