Escape From Titan 2

1 Freeware available for Escape From Titan 2, see below

Welcome to the new show "Titano TV" Here the victim and the Titan, the victim's goal: labyrinth and pass the test, the purpose of the titan: to catch up and kill his victim. And today we have a new participant, meet, Borya !!! Borya wakes up in an unknown desert from the voice in the walkie-talkie, he should run through the labyrinth and not get caught under the feet of the titan, in the test you are waiting for fascinating parkour, testing the reaction and so on. Caution: in the trial horror elements may be present, the test is not for the faint-hearted.

Note: English version game, but with Russian voice acting Subtitles were translated by Google translate, so the game may have errors.

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