A Farmer's Nightmare

A Farmer's Nightmare A Farmer's Nightmare A Farmer's Nightmare A Farmer's Nightmare

What could go wrong after you got yourself a gigantic debt and get the chance to repay it by working on a suspicious abandoned farm?
Well, apparently a lot can go wrong in a place like this. During the day everything is okay, you can be all good farming and bonding with your flowers, but as soon as the sun goes down you better start running, because these little plants are not what they seem, they have the power of spiritual demons and will do what they can to get you, and if that's not enough problems for an evening you also have to worry about a bunch of wild demons lurking around each biome.

Neh, it's still better than that other cleaning job at that boring soup restaurant, but anyways, if you really want to survive and more importantly pay that ginormous loan you will need to know a couple of things.

For starters you will need to start planting your own little cute flowey demons, for this you will need a suitable plot, so start chopping some trees and get a couple of those abandoned plots a new face!
To get some seeds it's another story though, you will need to wait until nighttime and start hunting some demons to get their respective seeds.

After a while your plants will need some water to keep growing, so grab some stones and start making a bunch of containers for that water. To start getting some just wait until it starts raining and grab a container to start filling it, just like that!

If you get hurt you will need a little help, but sadly there is no one there that will just give you a pill and cure your wounds, this is the real world kiddo, here we get some heart flowers and eat them to get better, just grab and mix a bunch of different seeds and you will have a Heart Seed, either plant it or use it right away to get some bones back on their places.

Last but not least you will need to take into account that having too much of the same thing is not great, selling too many seeds of the same type will depreciate its value very quickly, but there is a solution, just upgrade your base at the center of your farm to get better sales! You wonder how does that work? Well, I wouldn't pay as much to a suspicious homeless farmer compared to a well stablished agriculturist with a fancy farm.

There are 4 Biomes that can be generated around your farm:

+ The Snowey Valley: A well rounded biome with good resources but the rain turns into snow.

+The Misty Forest: A tree-dense biome with little stone but enough wood to build an empire.

+The Verdant Plains: A flat space full of rocks but with not many trees around.

+The Ocher Forest: A nicely filled forest with decent amount of rocks.