Flash Frozen


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Flash Frozen is a Surival Horror Game developed for PC on the Unity Engine. In the game you are trapped on a shipwrecked vessel, haunted and warped by a living ice entity. The player must escape the ship while staying warm and surviving the harsh frozen environment and its many dangers.

You are the only survivor of the shipwrecked cruise ship "The Catherine". All people on the ship have disappeared, and the temperature has dropped to sub-zero levels. Stay warm and find a way to escape. Beware! For while the people may have all disappeared, you are not alone... - Manage your body heat while exploring a shipwrecked cruise line. - Varied and rich environments to walk through. - An engaging story that unfolds through exploration. Flash Frozen is an Surival Horror Game being developed for PC on the Unity Engine. This game is being developed by: Josh Herbert, Samuel Armstrong, Joe Blumberg, Chase Meyers, Keith Catalano, Reece Blaiser, Brandy Boothby, Hassan Javaid, Cody Jernander, Ryan Klauer, Connor Vandyke, and Grace Zwiefelhofer It is being created at the University of Wisconsin - Stout under the instruction of Dr. Diane Christie and Dave Beck.

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