Four Realms

Four Realms Four Realms Four Realms Four Realms
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Four Realms is a fantasy adventure where you save the Realms of animal-kind from the edge of oblivion. As a Guardian, you cleverly use spells to overcome difficult troubles and perform amazing feats.

Aether, the Chaos Magic, ravages the land and splits the four nations. Only a hero summoned by the elements, the Guardian, can save the Four Realms. Become that hero. By collecting elemental Gems you can summon allies, materialize structures, cast powerful enchantments, or conjure devastating spells. Use this magic to stop the Aether!

The Guardian can't accomplish such a feat without the help of the four animal nations. To gain their trust you need to complete difficult missions and bring stability to the land. You must unite the Four Realms and lead them against the Chaos Magic.