The Franklin Coverup

The Franklin Coverup The Franklin Coverup The Franklin Coverup The Franklin Coverup

The Franklin Coverup is the most horrifying true story ever made into a videogame. It is not suitable for children or those who are easily disturbed. The game covers a ritualistic child abuse ring perpetuated by wealthy politicians & business executives in the late 1980s within the Boys Town Orphanage in Omaha, Nebraska.
As we all know, child sex trafficking is an exceedingly dark topic most people in the world are uncomfortable discussing.

Introducing someone who has never heard of the Franklin Coverup to the story can be quite difficult because it is not only a depressing topic but it is hard to believe it even happened in the first place.
For those of you who are unaware, in 1994, a documentary titled "Conspiracy of Silence" was reportedly canceled prior to its scheduled debut on the Discovery Channel.

The documentary recorded the journey of many Nebraska state officials, including decorated war veteran and former State Senator John DeCamp, and their uncovering of an alleged elite pedophile ring operating largely out of Omaha, Nebraska.

The producers were especially interested in covering the story upon reading DeCamp’s book The Franklin Cover-Up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska. The book explicitly details the beginnings of the case, who was involved and how it connects to ritualistic abuse.

The documentary "Conspiracy of Silence" contains all of the facts as well as video recordings of victim testimony from numerous children who were abused in this scandal. It also includes interviews with the Nebraska State Foster Care Review board, DeCamp himself, and multiple high-profile sources of great importance. Some of these clips are included in the game, itself.

I have attempted on numerous accounts to share the documentary as well as numerous articles which focus exclusively on the FACTS behind this horrifying scandal, but very few people actually read or watch them.
Before I lost hope, I had an idea.

I decided to develop a video game about the Franklin Coverup.

At first, I thought this was incredibly inappropriate. How could you make a GAME out of other people's suffering?
But then I realized this is one of the most intelligent methods of educating the public on such issues because it takes down their guard, prevents a knee-jerk denial reaction and gives them the facts in a manner that is less depressing and easy to remember.

It also motivates the player to do further research on their own and even includes photographs and video footage of victim testimony.

So whether you know the full details of the child trafficking ring that was discovered in Omaha Nebraska and covered up by the FBI in the late 1980s loosely referred to as "The Franklin Coverup" you should check out this game and share it with as many people as possible.

1. Installation / Controls
Right click the Franklin Coverup Chapter file and extract it. Then double click the Franklin Coverup.exe game file to start the game.

Controls are shown on-screen when you first start the game.