Guns ‘n’ Zombies

Guns ‘n’ Zombies Guns ‘n’ Zombies Guns ‘n’ Zombies Guns ‘n’ Zombies

Guns N Zombies is a thrilling shooter in a post apocalyptic World. You have to survive and fight nano-virus infected zombies

Feature list:

• Astounding storyline that will capture your mind until the very end
• Destructive weapons, turrets, and special abilities
• Unique, detailed and fresh look at the nature of zombies as creatures infected by nanobots virus - mecha-zombies
• Hordes of zombies in a bloody fiesta
• Lots of enemies with unique behavior, abilities, and rage
• Randomly generated gameplay situations – every skirmish will be unique
• Cooperative game mode
• Individuality and specialty abilities for each of the main characters
• As a player YOU will make your way from an ordinary city to the unbelievable secret place.
• And of course, real post apocalyptic atmosphere!