Hearth Hearth

Start your new life as the Hearthkeeper. Tend to the Hearth: an ancient and mysterious building whose light is sole salvation when darkness falls.
Grow crops, craft items, gather wood and forage in the wilderness.
Meet the town folk. Barter for goods and above all else survive the night!

Move with w,a,s,d or arrow keys
Interact with Spacebar
open inventory with 'i' or 'e'
click to select inventory items or items to craft
Pause game with Esc

How to play
Select the correct tools for the job at hand (hoe to till and harvest, axe to chop wood or pick stone, ect...)
Plant seeds, water plants daily and harvest when fully grown.
Chop tress and pick rock to collect wood and stone.
Forage in the wilderness for random items.
Use resources to craft replacement tools or trade crops for item with the merchant.
Stay in the light at night or else.