Jagged Alliance: Back In Action

Jagged Alliance: Back In Action Jagged Alliance: Back In Action Jagged Alliance: Back In Action Jagged Alliance: Back In Action
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Jagged Alliance: Back in Action - The new game from the classic title

A ruthless dictator has seized power on the island state of Arulco. The ousted former President has asked you to hire the best mercenaries in the world to fight to restore him as the rightful leader of his country.
Assemble powerful teams of mercenaries and recapture the island sector by sector. Join forces with the local rebels and train and arm them. Exploit resources in the occupied areas to acquire the financial means to purchase supplies of weapons and equipment and to hire new mercs. Coordinate the various teams on the strategic map before plunging headlong into battle to win back the country.


• The Jagged Alliance series achieved numerous awards and is considered to date as milestone in the genre of real time strategy
• Unrivaled mix of combat (tactics), roleplay, business and strategy
• Innovative "Plan & Go" combat system combines RTS gameplay with turn-based elements
• Liberate a fictitious island from a dictator
• Realistic war setting with authentic-looking firearms
• Laptop/computer menu as a central anchor point for the player
• Assemble your own unit of mercenaries from over 60 unique mercenaries
• Simultaneous control of multiple squads using a strategic map
• Every mercenary has a detailed set of likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses
• Convincing characters who interact with and comment on the game events
• All the dialog has audio
• Train your mercenaries to improve their effectiveness
• Acquire resources by capturing mines and encampments