1 Freeware available for Klems, see below

Tutorial : Connect many computer on the same wifi. Launch the game and create a new game on the first computer. Now, your friends can join you be shoot them before they do. You can shoot your opponents and reload.

As long as you stay on infected squares (Red square), you will increase your infection. If it gets too high, you become infected and will have to attack in close combat.

When you are infected, you can't run and shoot anymore.

Be the last survivor for 6 rounds and you gonna win the game.

Story : Klems make experimentation on Human. You are one of this Human blocked on a room to survive. Klems are testing human instinct and resistance to their poison that transform Human in Zombie.

For a keyboard:
• Crouch : Left Ctrl
• Jump : Space
• Look : Mouse
• Move : WASD
• Reload : R
• Run : Left Shift
• Shoot : Left click
• Show Ingame UI : Tab

For a Xbox Gamepad :
• Crouch : B
• Jump : A
• Look : Right Tumbstick
• Move : Left Tumbstick
• Reload : Y
• Run : Left Tumbstick Button
• Shoot : Right Shoulder (RB)

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