The Last Escape

The Last Escape The Last Escape The Last Escape The Last Escape

During the Second World War, Colditz Castle was a maximum security prison, where high-ranking military personnel and officers known for their escape attempts were held. You are the captain of the Royal Air Force, Rick "Smasherman" Reid and your mission will be the one that nobody accomplished before; escape Colditz and return home safely.

O - Left
P - Right
Q - Up & Hide
A - Down
SPACE - Use & Drop Objects

. You can carry a maximum of two objects at the same time .
. Dogs can always detect you, but they can only catch you if you are on the same level.
. You can hide by pressing "Up" in the dark areas .
. Objects can only be traded or left in the areas marked with the down arrow.
. You must carry the 2 correct objects to achieve a successful escape.

Note: The game needs an emulator for zx spectrum to run.