Legions Legions

LEGIONS is a 2D arcade bullet hell where you use the Energy Shield of your ship to absorb the bullets of your enemies and charge up your weapon. Then, use your Beam Sword to return the firepower back to your foes! More enemies will spawn the longer you can manage to stay alive.


Absorbing enemy bullets increases the score multiplier, and killing enemies will give you points. Death will negatively affect your score since you’ll be uh… dead. Maybe try not to do that.


Right Click to swap between Attack Mode and Defensive Mode.

In Attack Mode the ship will always move in the direction of your cursor. Left Click depletes your battery to activate the Beam Sword.

In Defensive Mode, the ship engines will not work because all power is routed to your shield systems! Left Click to briefly activate the Energy Shield to absorb enemy projectiles and recharge your weapon systems.


>Use momentum to stay mobile when in Defensive Mode.
>Try quickly swapping into defensive mode to block projectiles and then immediately go back into Attack Mode to get back on the move
>Stack up your score multiplier by absorbing enemy fire and go on the offensive when it's high to maximize your points.
>High score multiplier = high octane music.