Lumien Lumien Lumien Lumien

Lumien is a fast-paced third-person platformer in which you explore the ruins of an ancient civilization and breathe life back into it. On your way past the various defenses, you'll be helped by the Orbs, fueled by the mysterious powers of the civilization.

Rapid Platforming

To match the existing dangers, you'll have to acquire the civilization's technology, through various unlockable abilities. These will let you advance faster and faster and overcome previously insurmountable obstacles. At the same time, each ability complements your arsenal, allowing you to combine it with existing abilities to further exploit its potential.

Unique Orbs

Beyond the diverse movement abilities, you'll be able to use various orbs. These orbs work both as an extension of your movement and as your best means to eliminate enemies. You'll be able to send them in specific directions and then activate them manually to unleash their special powers. Their individual functions are all unique, but they all have the possibility of changing your environment. Among other things, they allow you to slow down enemies, hurl moving objects and even temporarily create objects in the world.

Interactive Obstacles

On your way, a variety of traps and enemies await you, which will try to stop you. You'll encounter spike traps, guided by the automated self-defense system of civilization. But those obstacles can also bring you closer to your goal if you manipulate them cleverly. With the help of a clever ghost and the powerful orbs, you can defeat enemies by luring them into the traps designed for you. Additionally, with the orbs you can have an influence on the state of the level, which can disable traps or allow you to bypass them completely. Observe your surroundings and use them to your advantage to overcome any dangers.

Key Features

• Complex levels with a lot of different traps and enemies
• Simultaneous coordination of up to two orbs with unique abilities
• An interactive environment that you can manipulate with the help of the orbs
• Fast-paced third-person platforming with a dash of action
• Unlockable abilities that constantly unlock new parts of the environment
• An underground civilization characterized by a mysterious knowledge network
• Different levels, each compact and with a specific theme