Luminite Luminite

An ancient cavern has re-opened up near the ruins of Old Brookfall City, an area destroyed by a cataclysmic event many years ago, which is almost all but forgotten. Your good friend Sindell, an elvish mage, believes he has found the source of why the Void Lords destroyed the city.

The caverns under Old Bookfall grow ancient Crystals called Luminites. These crystals hold an ancient power, capable of purging Void essence. Sindell believes that the mages of old Brookfall were not able to unlock that power before the destruction, however he believes he can.

On arrival, you notice you are too late, the void Lords have already discovered the area has re-opened and are opening void rifts throughout the cavern. However... They havent made an appearance yet. You may still yet have time to find some luminite and test for yourself, the power to cleanse void essence. With the void rifts opening, you may encounter Void Acolytes, those who worship the Void Lords.

Find the luminite, close void rifts throughout the cavern and prevent the void lords from entering!

A and D movement. Space to Jump. Left Click to attack Acolytes and Rifts.