The Man From Fugue State


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A stranger arrives in the sleepy town of Tumbleweed with no memory of his identity only to find the residents suffering at the hands of feared outlaw El Marcado, 'the marked one'. Soon he finds himself caught up in a plot to defeat the outlaw once and for all. But who is this stranger and why is the mysterious El Marcado so interested in Tumbleweed?

Players get to enjoy:

• A Spaghetti Western themed game world
• Dynamic locations that change over the course of the story
• A story jam packed with satirical jokes that due to slow development are no longer topical
• Five chapters worth of witty, concise and original content [1]
• A superb soundtrack provided by a wealth of talented composers
• Traditional point and click adventure game featuring a verb coin interface.

[1] subjective
A Salvador Haggini Adventure.

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