Minimalist Minimalist Minimalist

After a business trip gone wrong, you are stuck on a island with only one goal: to survive. Play solo or alongside your friends in multiplayer, hunt animals, collect resources, build your house and fend off other enemies.
Minimalist is completely free and contains no in game purchases. This is the first release and the game is currently in Alpha but it will be constantly updated with new features and bug fixes.

Key Features
• Three different ways to play: Singleplayer, P2P Multiplayer, Dedicated Server Multiplayer
• Massive and diverse open world to explore with over 40 points of interest
• Dynamic day and night system
• Different types of AI animals to hunt and eat
• Chop wood to use and build a base
• Three types of guns: Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun
• Three different types of melee weapons: Axe, Hammer, Pickaxe
• Collect stone to upgrade your base and be able to better defend against other players
• Craft weapons, bandages, equipment, and more