Notes From Province

Notes From Province Notes From Province Notes From Province Notes From Province
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There's a lot of good in life. You just have to look for it.

Kyme's searching for a fresh start in the city of Province. Will he find it among the eccentric residents and their whimsical adventures? Or will he get lost chasing his personal villain, a grand thief capable of stealing the blue from the sky, the voice of a singer, and even the very memory of what he stole, leaving you with nothing but an empty feeling?

Notes From Province is an Open World RPG focused on exploration and meeting people.


Start with a solid RPG, simmer lightly
• Open world - no dead ends, only new things to see and treasure to find
• Character driven story - even the battles have a story to tell
• Crafting, cooking, fishing, dancing, finding a strange rat-loving man living in a hole under your neighbor's house

Mix in 2 cups tactical combat
• 7 characters - with distinct styles and roles, swap-able mid combat
• Equipment based customization - abilities and passives come from equipment that can be freely swapped to redefine characters
• Enemies worth reacting to - each encounter has a plan to crush you unless you spot the weakness and counter

And season with a hint of Animal Crossing
• Decorate and expand your house - a straight-faced, no nonsense man with rabbit ears will judge your furniture arrangement and award you accordingly
• NPCs with lives - each villager has their own daily agenda, situational dialog, and a story to tell the more you get to know them