Obliteration Game

Obliteration Game Obliteration Game Obliteration Game Obliteration Game Obliteration Game
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"Welcome Citizens….to the biggest and best TV show in the Galaxy…… Doctor Kvorak’s Obliteration Game!

Once again we have an incredibly exciting show for you tonight, with three very special guest stars who are lucky enough to play for the most incredible prizes for their planet. If they win, their civilization jumps light years into the future. What a privilege! What an honour to be selected!
"And here’s your host….the amazing, the indomitable, the formidable, the Dastardly Doctor of Dread himself, Doctor Kvorak!"

Doctor Kvorak is an evil intergalactic TV Games Show host who presents the biggest and most famous game show in the Galaxy: The Obliteration Game. The Doctor appears to be a benevolent and generous deity, offering the most amazing prizes to specially selected contestants who are deemed worthy of participating on his show and playing for incredible prizes. But all is not what it seems, as if they lose, then they risk the very obliteration of their world.

You control all three contestants Greeboo, Micmac and Tiktok as they solve challenging puzzles, avoid lethal hazards and collect the mysterious Saviour Stones in Doctor Kvorak’s Games Arena. Each character has a special ability which can be used either in isolation or together in solving the challenges. Unlock hidden secrets to win fantastic prizes which will advance the technology of your species by hundreds of years. Complete each game zone and the mighty Kvorak will also set free a rare and very special world from his amazing Planet Trophy Collection, so you not only advance your own world, but save another from obliteration.

Liberate or Obliterate – which will you choose?