Omnis - The Erias Line

Omnis - The Erias Line Omnis - The Erias Line Omnis - The Erias Line Omnis - The Erias Line
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"This is why you are invaluable to me.
Nothing would stop one from protecting the other.
Nothing too important to sacrifice.
But I will keep looking.
You're merely humans, after all."

Orphan and Skyler have arrived in Verdamm after a decade of travel, looking for a place to settle. But they find it to be far from the utopia they were expecting. Before they have a chance to escape they are forcefully recruited into the 'Operatives' - a covert network of mercenaries and desperate killers born from the city's savage depression.

Their first assignment sets them on a path that will pit them, and their bond, against events that are spiraling out of control.

To survive they must fight for lesser evils and for each other, all while enduring the sinister fascination of a strange, omnipresent entity - an entity obsessed with testing the limits of their love and proving that it can be utterly broken...