1 Demo available for ONESTRIKE, see below

ONESTRIKE is a first person, asymmetric Virtual Reality experience where a HTC Vive player utilizes patience, concentration, and the ability to slow down time in order to defend against and take out up to four PC players roaming the shadows by striking them with a sword. The PC players must devise a stealth operation to anticipate their targets actions and best strike the torso of the Vive player.

1. Download the file
2. Unzip the folder
3. Open the Read Me file for gameplay instructions
4. Run OneStrike_Alpha0.9
5. Allow game to play if firewall prevents
6. Select desired resolution and fantastic game quality
7. Windowed mode recommended for VR, not recommended for PC players
8. Enjoy!

How to make a game:
The Vive player is always the host and is the only one who can make an internet/Lan game for now.
Do not attempt to make a VR game if you do not have the HTC Vive.
In order to make an internet game please email for the password.
Lan (all players must be on the same network) requires no password.
After a lobby is created by the VR player, PC players connect to a match by using the search button, selecting a lobby and joining.

PC player:
• WASD to move
• Space to jump
• Shift to run
• C to crouch
• SHIFT+E+Space to lunge attack
• Left click to attack
• Mouse to look
Vive player:
• Left controller has the sword trigger to slow down time
• Swing controller at foes

How to quit application:
• escape key
Have fun! From all all of us At World's End.