Original Sin

Original Sin Original Sin Original Sin
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ORIGINAL SIN is the prelude to TOWER OF SINS (coming Q4 2024), where folk from the second generation of the Era of Virtue are telling the tales and mythoi of the spirits that showed humans the way out of the Era of Chaos.
ORIGINAL SIN follows the tale of the three spirits that came to heal the world: THE DEVOTED ONE, who risked everything to save their brethren, THE EMPOWERING ONE, who forged the steel needed to hold the enveloping corruption at bay, and lastly, THE GUIDE who saved a life and part of the old world.

A/D - Horizontal Movement
Space - Jump / Wall Jump
Shift - Dash
J / LMB - Attack
R - Restarting the Level
ESC - Restart the Game
ALT+F4 - Quit the Game