Project Homecoming Haven

Project Homecoming Haven Project Homecoming Haven Project Homecoming Haven
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Project Haven At Your Service

“We know how hard it is, to see your beloved ones leave.

To see the room they’ve left, their space without their presence.

You don’t have to face the grief alone.

We can help you.

With Homecoming Haven Trauma Cleaners, we can help you clean up rooms full of memories

too painful to look at and save you from the grief of facing the space initially left by your loved ones.

You don’t have to face everything by yourself.

Let us help you.”


The Gameplay

Play as a Trauma Cleaner; a housecleaning service that receives requests from bereaving families to clean up rooms and houses left by the deceased. 

In your job, you will learn about those who left the world of their own volition or others. Learn about the life they lived, choose belongings of the deceased to be given to their families, or keep them for yourself to grow your Trauma Cleaning business.


Uncover Hidden Stories

The environment of each home tells a unique story about the homeowner's life and experiences.


Items Reveal Stories

Items found in the homes provide further insights into the homeowners' lives and relationships.


Choices Affect Storytelling

Players' decisions regarding give or kept items can influence the storytelling and reveal additional narrative elements.