Roadkill Agora


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1 Freeware available for Roadkill Agora, see below

Go out into the city and find yourself. Converse with wayward spirits and the dead at dawn. Walk a mile over twisting streets and wander through the alleys and nooks of a dreaming world.

Explore a city as it shifts and moves over the course of several days.

Find your way into over a dozen unique interiors.

Collect the trinkets of the brooding streets and make yourself an identity.

Talk with several NPCs as they enter and leave the stage.

Discover the city's secrets, maybe even a secret ending if you can.

Sweet dreams.

[WASD] to move.

[E] to interact.

[I] to open your Inventory.

Hold [Esc] to close the game.

You cannot save the game and it should be completable in a single seating.

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