Sinister Reflection (2024)

Sinister Reflection (2024) Sinister Reflection (2024) Sinister Reflection (2024) Sinister Reflection (2024) Sinister Reflection (2024)

Through the Lens of Terror, Face Your Demons...

You play as Jake Anderson, a journalist with a reputation to rebuild and everything to prove, who has stumbled upon a lead regarding the mysterious "Eclipse Optics" factory. As he arrives, he finds the whole building closed shut but manages to find a small opening and slips inside. However, as he enters, the door behind him jams, trapping him inside. Now, Jake must find another way out, but soon realizes that the abandoned factory holds not only secrets but something more... Sinister.

Sinister Reflection is heavily inspired by classic VHS aesthetics, PS1 horror games as well as newer games, offering players a tense and atmospheric experience.


  • Short horror experience (About 40 minutes)
  • Atmosphere reminiscent of classic retro movies and PSX games
  • Immersive sound design and ambience 
  • Multiple Endings
  • Bloody fun in VHS form



  • WASD ~ Movement
  • Shift ~ Run
  • Right Click ~ Zoom in
  • E ~ Interact
  • F ~ Night vision
  • Q ~ Peek Back


Jake, intrigued by a mysterious message, resolves to explore the long-abandoned camera factory known as "Eclipse Optics." Armed only with his camera, he embarks on the journey alone, ready to uncover the secrets hidden within its decaying walls.

His only chance to make a name for himself as a big-time journalist might also be his last.

Will He Escape?