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smART detective is an educational puzzle game where you take the role of an art conservator who has to identify lost paintings in Italy.

You will have to pick the correct painting that matches the given description. If you’re stuck, use tools to reveal additional information.

Each level has an unique soundtrack inspired by the city and period it takes place in, and you will learn more about Italian artworks, history and culture.

A game for museums and schools

We think that by interacting with the artworks the player can create an emotional connection that they wouldn't get by just looking at them on a museum wall or textbook.

The formula of the game can be adapted to the collection of a museum or the contents of a class.

A museum could have a level of the game for each room, artist, period or theme. The game could be played on interactive displays or smartphones, targeting players of all ages.

In a class the teacher can use the game as an additional learning tool, alternating moments of play and explanation.

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