A bite-sized roguelike take on Minesweeper. Each area brings dangerous new hazards like Proximity Mines and Laser Turrets - but you've got your own bag of tricks! Use powerful equipment to scan, sneak, disarm and blast your way through without losing valuable probes. Can you survive the onslaught of threats and clear all minefields?


How to play

Click a tile to fire a probe there, revealing it. Reveal every safe tile in a level to advance.

Right-click to flag a tile (usually, as a reminder that it's a mine).

Numbered tiles indicate the number of mines in the 8 surrounding tiles. If you fire a probe at a mine, or something else attacks it on the way down, you'll lose the probe. If you run out, it's game over!

Tiles with a + symbol indicate a nearby active structure in the 8 surrounding tiles. Fire a probe directly at a structure (or otherwise reveal it) to disable it, shutting down its effects and + tiles. All structures must be disabled to complete a level. Most structures have dangerous ranged attacks, so seek them out quickly!

After each level, you'll obtain a new upgrade or piece of equipment. Click the buttons on the right side to activate or switch to the tool you want to use.