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Transmutation is the incremental game with a loop which I've never seen in others: you convert X of element A to 1 element B, and then 1 element B gradually dissolves and creates Y>X of element A. Thanks to great beta testers from /r/incremental_games and /r/SteampunkIdleSpinner community, it is ready for the release now.

You are the alchemist: medieval mad scientist! All what you have at the start is Air. But then you discover, how to get other elements: Water, Slime, Earth, Rock, Fire and so on!

As you alchemy laboratory grows, you can spend elements to upgrade the transmutation power or to create a whole world of you own. Once created, the world will help you boost your laboratory.

The game contains:
- 15 various and often unexpected elements
- 29 planet quests: from atmosphere to dinosaurs
- nice animations of elements transmutations and world creation
- weekly rewards (check for details)
- integrated tutorial

And provides hours and days of fun in the mad science and alchemy setting!

Start you own idle alchemy adventure and solve the puzzles which nature beholds.

Sources of inspiration: Swarmsim, Alphabet, Alchemy

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