Vertigo (Indie Game)

Vertigo (Indie Game) Vertigo (Indie Game) Vertigo (Indie Game) Vertigo (Indie Game)
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Vertigo is a frantic, real-time action game that puts you in the pilot seat of a helicopter (if you so choose). Shoot your way through 10 varied scenarios, whether it be in the air or on foot. Break windows, defuse bombs, or even airfight bogeys - whatever it takes, complete your mission!

*Feel every realistic explosion. When you're on foot, it only takes one shot to end your mission.

*Easy to learn, hard to master: you'll be fighting your own flying skill more than you will the enemy.

*Addictive. Replaying is quick, letting you experiment in your approach to any objective.

*Infiltrate towers, avoiding helicopter gunfire in the same way your enemies once evaded your own.