Vivaria Vivaria Vivaria Vivaria

Vivaria is a relaxing ecosystem simulation game where you build a landscape with a complex ecosystem full of plants, animals, and fungi. You'll start with limited tools, but as you develop your ecosystem, you'll unlock additional elements to place into the world. Progression increments whenever your creatures eat or mature into adults, so creating a balanced ecosystem where all creatures can thrive is the name of the game. 

  • Over 15 creatures and plants to inhabit your ecosystem!
  • 14 Original music tracks to relax to!
  • A beautiful day/night cycle
  • A weather cycle with rain and snow


What you'll see

Seagrass: A semi-aquatic plant that can grow underwater or on well hydrated soil.

Guppy: Little fish that live in water and feed on seagrass. 

Crab: Semi-aquatic crustaceans that eat guppies. 

Bee: Flying insects that pollinate seagrass, speeding up its growth. 

Frog: Amphibians that start out as tadpoles that eat a diet of seagrass, but mature into semi-aquatic creatures that eat bees and butterflies. They lay eggs in the water once fully matured.

Mushroom: Fungi that grow above water on damp soil.

Snail: Wall-crawling mollusks that eat decomposing creatures and mushrooms.

Stalk: Tall leafy plants that thrive on hydrated soil and grow straight upwards.

Caterpillar: Wall climbing insects that feed on stalks. When they mature, they will climb to the top of a stalk and form a chrysalis, which will turn into a butterfly.

Firefly: Airborne bugs that light up at night. They are poisonous to frogs, making them an important part of keeping the frog population balanced.

Earthworm: Land critters that eat seagrass and turn the soil underneath them into vermicast, which allows for hydration to spread further than ordinary soil.

Giant Crab: A giant green predator that eats regular sized crabs.

Spider: A web-spinning arachnid that eats flying bugs to keep their populations in check.

Coral: A beautiful underwater organism that grows on sand.



Left Mouse: Use selected tool.

Mouse Wheel or Z/X: Cycle between unlocked items.

Middle Mouse Button: Quick select the shovel item.

Alt+Enter: Toggle fullscreen mode.

M: Toggle music.

<>: Cycle through music tracks

Esc: Pause.


Getting Started

Placing soil and water will earn you experience points, represented by the green bar at the bottom. Once you start unlocking plants and critters, experience will appear whenever they grow or eat. Experience appears in the form of animated sparkles. Mouse over the sparkles to collect the experience points. Every time your experience bar fills up, you'll unlock a new upgrade! Have fun!