WannaFest 22

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After the events of I Wanna Be The Guy, The Kid is invited to a game show hosted by an imposing figure! Fight your way through several game challenges to compete for a high score. Do you have what it takes to master these games and win the grand prize?

Developed by Cherry Treehouse for Fangame Marathon 2022's Blind Adventure event, WannaFest 22 is a fast-paced rollercoaster through hidden gaming gems of the past!

Main Features:

• Several stages faithfully based on cult classic games
• Fast-paced gameplay focused on variety and scoring
• Unique and exciting boss encounters
• Crisp, colorful graphics and catchy music
• Reprising voice actors from the original I Wanna Be The Guy
• Plenty of achievements and extras
• Full controller support
• English and Japanese (subtitles) support

Minimum System Requirements:

• 3 GHz CPU
• 1 GB RAM + 1 GB VRAM
• 110 MB Storage
• Windows 7 or later

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