WGRealms Demon Throne

WGRealms Demon Throne WGRealms Demon Throne WGRealms Demon Throne WGRealms Demon Throne

WG Realms: Demon Throne full game This is a huge retro-shooter with two playable characters and RPG elements.

WG Realms: DEMON THRONE is a free retro-shooter built on the Eduke32 platform.

DEMON THRONE has over 20 LEVELS with more than 20 different monsters and over 10 BOSSES. Most of those monsters have several different versions.

Your can play as 2 different Characters, Duke Nukem or Jedrik.

You have been sent to kill the hordes of monsters invading the many Realms of TITAN. Set in 3 different lands, KHUL, ALANISA and THE OLD WORLD. You must end the onslaught and save the realm. The Wizard AXON has summoned you and will share with you his magical powers that can only be increased by killing the demons.

The Siege has been lead by the Archonitron and his many lieutenants whom you must defeat to end the war. Only by acquiring enough strength and power will you ever be able to defeat them all.

Fight with kick ass weapons, use magical powers, ally yourself with Immortal beings from far of lands, complete quests, and kill monsters to collect gold and gems.

William Gee and Dan Gaskill are the minds behind the game, with new and improved art by sebabdukeboss20, Level design by William Gee and Code by Dan Gaskill.