A 2.5D top-down zombie shooter.

Entering the comic shop, the main character Josh finds himself imprisoned in comic book and risks not to get out alive, unless he reaches the other end of town. Josh and exit are separated by a thousand meters and thousands of the walking undeads.


- A huge city, five locations, filled with the walking undeads. Some of the enemies still have memories of how to use a shotgun;
- The plot is revealed in a form of comics, which Josh finds over the course of the game;
- 6 types of weapons, 10 ways to kill the living undead, in particular:
- Shoot the crowd of zombies with two machine guns sitting on your military vehicle, while simultaneously knocking them down;
- 8 skills to give Josh more opportunities to survive;
- Old school fashion battle against Zombull;
- Dynamic original soundtrack complementing gameplay.