Amazons: Total War - Refulgent 8.6A Full

Amazons: Total War - Refulgent 8.6A Full

If you are tired of sword and spear game play, then welcome to the battlefield of antiquity with an Amazon twist. this mod will show you an ancient world filled with surprises with so many battlefield contraptions and variations of strategy...

This is a beta version so download and install at your own risk. This file MUST be downloaded by an adult 18 or older. The Rev 6x of series 8.x release is a special edition intended for experimentally showing clothing which meets the bare bone minimum modern dress code expectation. This file is mod-foldered and it uses 7z compression. Actual space uncompressed is about 2,240MB. Please read the read-me folder to follow through on installation instruction. It is recommended that the user has more than 3GB of memory to run this mod plus a compatible higher performance video card. And uses Rome:Total War/Barbarian-Invasion RTW/BI 1.6, as is available through the Rome:Total War Gold Edition or purchase from Steam. The 8.5A Release may still contain bugs which can show accidental nudity. Therefore, this mod is still intended for 18+ players who wishes to play this mod in a family setting, please download and use at your own risk.

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