Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion v1.4 (+2 Trainer)

Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion v1.4 (+2 Trainer)

Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion v1.4 (+2 Trainer)

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Created by DRAGoN.X :--)
Put in install directory then hit launch in trainer to run.
(neither of the things are nessasary but make things easyer I think)
Options: #1: Money dosn't go down, i.e. get money from buying.
This option does as it says. Instead of loosing money from buying,
you get money. Also Endturn dosn't decrease money either.
Option #2: Freedom of Movement
I like this option. Enables you to move around the entire map in one turn.
Option (well not really an options) #3: Return to Noramal
Wat you think! Does as it says.
I told you that I would get to this eventually. A freedom of movement option.
It's too bad the Pizzadox beat me to it though. Our trainers use a different method for
the freedom of movement and the money part.
Check out both and you will see the difference.
----------------------------- for trainer ideas/suggestions/help... Just no ********, ok?
Be descriptive if you want to complain. Ideas, suggerstion, and also if you want help,
that is also welcome, just as I said, I would really prefer that you not e-mail me if
you are going to be a n00b and ***** about everything in my trainers. Everything else is
Enjoy this one. A bit late, but just enjoy it. :--)
Thx to CCJ39 for the help.
CRS-MegaDev at, dedicated to bringing you MTXL (Mega Trainer XL)
This trainer was made by
Cheat Engine :--)

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