Calradia 1050 A.D.: Mercenary Uprising v2.52 Full

Calradia 1050 A.D.: Mercenary Uprising v2.52 Full

Calradia 1050 A.D.: Mercenary Uprising is a single-player mod for Mount & Blade Warband 1.158 and higher. The main gameplay features of this mod include Diplomacy 4.2, PBOD .92, and Freelancer 1.51, with several fixes for Freelancer bugs. *** The mod also includes several popular OSP kits and codes, including bridge battles, tavern animations, banking, outposts, recruitment from castles, and the salt mine. *** Various OSP arms and armors have been added to make each of the original factions' troops more distinctive and more varied. Lower-tier troops are armored with light cloth armors, middle-tier troops have thicker cloth or leather armors, and top-tier troops have metal armors. *** The troops trees have been re-done to add skirmisher lines to each faction and to add mounted skirmishers to the Nords, Rhodoks, Sarranids, and Eastern Province. Two new factions have been added.

This is a full standalone version of Ver. 2.52. Earlier versions of the mod are not needed. This mod will work with Warband versions 1.153 and higher. Please note that this patch was intended to preserve save-game compatibility with Ver. 2.5 and 2.51 saves but not all changes will show up in saved games (e.g., changes to troops proficiencies, skills, flags).

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